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The Return of How to be a Megalomaniac!

6-Week Online Course begins January 22, 2018
1-Day Live Workshop in Kingston, NY, March 24, 2018

That's right! It's back! The mock seminar that ended it all by unleashing the secrets of World Domination (if you think it hasn't all ended, just wait!) has returned to titillate our avarice and make megalomaniacs of us all! (Or if you're not that crazy, use what you learn to protect yourself from those who are!)

Want to learn the secret keys to manipulating the masses? Do you want followers, henchmen and lackeys to serve your every need? You're either a sick puppy or a True Megalomaniac AND you'll absolutely love this exploration of the skills and techniques used by gurus, televangelists, politicians, and advertisers to build their empires!
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