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All contents © copyright 2007 Philip H. Farber

Images © copyright 2007 DJ Reese

DJ Reese
Gallery of Organic/Psychedelic Digital Art

DJ calls these images "organic-psychedelic art." It's a fitting description. Each image originates as a high-resolution digital photograph of a natural texture - often trees, plants, soil, water, or snow. The original image then undergoes a process that in many ways mimics the process in which perceptions are changed and enhanced during altered states of consciousness. Indeed, there are some who say that contemplating DJ's images can induce altered states!

As with an explorer of consciousness or shaman who re-organizes perceptions using meditation, hypnosis, ritual, or entheogens, DJ shifts our perception of nature using digital technology. As you look at each of these images, bear in mind that all the original information of the natural texture is still present - and by re-arranging the perception of it, new layers and levels of information are revealed. Some of the images seem to reveal faces, forms, landscapes, luminous figures, and other tantalizing glimpses of another realm. The new perception may or may not mean something to your conscious mind - it is on the level of the unconscious that these works have their greatest impact.

Just view... and by now you know enough to enjoy whatever thoughts and feelings these images instigate in your consciousness.

(Click any image to see a larger, screen-resolution image.)

1. Mosaic 1

Print on Linen Paper, 11"x14" framed


2. Rainbow Chakra Purple

Print on Photo Satin Paper, 8"x10" framed


3. Tranquil Wind

Print on Rice Paper, 11"x14" framed


4. Monolith

Print on Sculpted Matte Paper, 11"x14" framed


5. Focal Point

Print on Photo Satin Paper, 8"x10" framed


6. Laughing Bubbah

Print on Photo Matte Paper, 11"x14" framed


7. Big Fish Respirator

Print on Rice Paper, 11"x14" framed


8. blotter 1111

Giclee on Cotton Canvas, 16"x20" framed


9. sittin' in it

Giclee on Cotton Canvas, 16"x20" framed


10. mannamandala

Print on Photo Satin, 11"x14" framed


11. Frog Brigade

Print on Photo High-Gloss, 11"x14" framed


12. how's it doing that?

Giclee on Silk, 16"x20" framed


Each one of these is an original, one-of-a-kind work of art, signed by the artist. Each image is unique and will only be created once. All prints are on acid-free fine art and photo stocks, have ultraviolet protection, and are archival quality. Please inquire about custom art and specialty commissions. All prices include shipping to USA and Canada. For international and express orders, please e-mail for rates.

Framed and matted work can be purchased using a major credit card by clicking on an "Add to Cart" button. You will receive a confirming e-mail, usually by the next business day, and your purchase will ship out within the next seven days. To purchase with a personal check or money order, please e-mail or phone first so that we may hold the piece aside for you.

Questions about any of these works? Contact DJ Reese at:


Or call Hawk Ridge Productions at (845) 340-0047