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Society of NLP


NLP Training with Philip H. Farber


Week-long immersive format: April 6 - 12, 2012

Click here for NLP Training in Kingston, NY


"I found my training experience with Phil to be one of the most rewarding experiences in my life. I learned a tremendous amount and I felt that I had achieved a full year’s worth of important material during this one week. I feel that I can now move into the realm of NLP with confidence and enthusiasm. My class felt like a family because of the approaches that Phil took in guiding us. Phil is an outstanding teacher." – John H. Carter, Jr., Ph.D., NLP Practitioner

Are you ready to explore your consciousness in a new and unique way?

NLP Training with Philip H. Farber takes us on a journey through the structure of our own subjective experience. How do language and thought create our reality? What is the behavior behind the behavior? How do we organize and act upon our reality?

NLP is an amazing technology that offers explicit methods to gain rapport with others, create dynamic and healthy influence, allow for incredible changes in thought-processes, and much more! Once only in the province of therapists, NLP has proved itself useful to teachers, salespeople, managers, body-workers, writers, artists, parents, and just about everybody else!

"This class has been a lot of fun and I’ve learned a tremendous amount of conscious and unconscious competency at the basic and some quite advanced levels of Neuro-linguistic Programming. I am sure that anyone who takes this course will be very surprised and excited about how much they learn and how happy they are with the training." – Jason August Newcomb, NLP Practitioner and author of The New Hermetics

The Map and the Territory - How do perception and language interact to create our experience? Starting from the roots of NLP, we will explore how our minds filter our information to create the sensory representations that we act upon.

Meta Model and Milton Model - Knowing how our minds interpret our perceptions, how can we USE language to uncover missing information… and how can we use language to direct consciousness in useful ways?

Rapport, Pacing and Leading - Using some of the basics of NLP, we can explore how to get rapport with others and how to, consciously or unconsciously, lead others into different behaviors. This is the essence of personal influence!

Anchoring - Anchoring is the basic unit of the post-hypnotic response. A stimulus is attached to a response through association. We will explore how anchors form naturally, how they are a part of ALL learning, and how we can use anchors to access specific states of consciousness at will.

Submodalities - Learning how we array our consciousness around us in images, sounds, and feelings allows us to play with the structure of our experience in fun and useful ways. Learn some quick ways to change moods, attitudes, and habits. Subjective experience becomes modeling clay for your creative endeavors.

Language Patterns - What words and patterns of language get the kinds of responses that we want from ourselves and from others? Almost everything you ever wanted to know about linguistic patterns for getting results, including embedded commands, ambiguity, and presuppositions.

NLP Training with Philip H. Farber is an opportunity to take our communication skills and empower them with PRACTICE in a supportive environment. Certification is provided through Society of NLP (Richard Bandler).

“Training with Phil exceeded all of my expectations.” – Christopher Land, NLP Master Practitioner

"Phil’s NLP Master Practitioner training is a life-changing experience. His teaching style is an art form unto itself, and just modeling his presentation skills alone is worth the price of admission! He’s a compassionate and entertaining practitioner and instructor, and the amount of tech he fits into the number of days is mind-blowing. By the end of the week I was in a truly altered state, also worth the price of admission on its own. The NLP Master Prac left me feeling like I was on high quality hallucinogens, only better. The change is bound to last longer, too!" – LaSara FireFox, NLP Master Practitioner, author of Sexy Witch, www.lasara.us


Register NOW for NLP Practitioner Training

Week-long immersive format: April 6 - 12, 2013 in Cincinnati, OH
(use drop down menu to select format)

$1500.00 / Special Rate: pay only $1250!

Or send Check or Money Order to: Philip H. Farber, PO Box 4431, Kingston, NY 12402

You can also make a downpayment of $350, with the balance due by the first class session.

Registration fees include seven days of seminars. You are responsible for your own food and lodging - though we are happy to make recommendations and help you out in any way we can.If you need to change plans, registration fees may be refunded up to one week before the seminar, minus a $200 processing fee. No refunds are offered after that date. Work/Study scholarships are occasionally available. For more information, please e-mail nlp @ hawkridgeproductions.com or call (845) 340-0047.

"I’ve just completed NLP Practitioner Training with Phil Farber and I know that I’ve learned more in seven days with Phil than I could have in years reading and researching on my own. This course was well-presented, with practice in safe surroundings with lots of positive feedback. I enjoyed the class and barely noticed the time going by!" – Mark Smith, NLP Practitioner

"Never laughed so hard so long! Had a great time! Thanks, Phil." – Jennifer from Saratoga, NLP Master Practitioner

"This training was literally a dream come true for me and it was so worth the wait to take it with Phil. His teaching style is such great fun, is so meaningful and extremely powerful! He breaks things down into such easy steps that even an 8th grader can learn it. I am so filled with gratitude. Thanks Phil! You totally rock!!" – Edith Murray, NLP Master Practitioner

"I found this class to be an awesome learning experience and Phil’s ‘hands on’ teaching style was easy to grasp and a lot of fun. I can’t recall another course that I’ve taken where I laughed AND learned. I recommend this class to everyone!! A must do!!" – Terry Smith, NLP Practitioner