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Magick and Entheogens, Vol. 1: Cannabis


Magick and Entheogens, Vol. 1: Cannabis
with Philip H. Farber


1 hour, 40 minutes, NTSC

Find out what lies beyond the realms of recreational and medical use. With the use of hypnotic music, storytelling, psychedelic visuals, and step-by-step instruction, author Philip H. Farber (FutureRitual: Magick for the 21st Century, Eschaton Productions, Chicago, 1995) takes the viewer on a mind-altering journey to the High Place, where cannabis becomes a key to magick.

Phil offers five exercises in Cannabis Magick that the viewer can follow, using both spoken instruction along with on-screen graphics. This is a Trance Initiation into Spiritual Cannabis!

What makes this weed so magical?

Cannabis has been used throughout history for spiritual and even magical purposes. What modern authorities have declaimed as an evil scourge, and what most of us consider a recreational substance, has served as the sacrament in dozens of traditions. The greatest occultists of recent history often hailed the herb as a secret key to making magick work. The mystics of the world have used marijuana to open the doors of the soul.

This is a studio production (not a seminar video) that offers trance inducing words, music, and psychedelic video (based on the organic/psychedelic images of DJ Reese)... along with practical step-by-step ritual work that teaches entheogenic applications of cannabis. As far as we know there is absolutely nothing else like this on the market.

• How to activate your body's energy systems with smoke!

• How to turn up the intensity of your high, any time, at will!

• How to get really high with no herb!

• How to gain life-changing information from the plant!

If you have any interest in using hypnotic techniques to re-activate or initiate altered states, in entheogens, in world traditions of spirituality, in the techniques of shamanism... this DVD will be pure elixir!

"The visuals were excellent and the memory exercise was intense, can't wait to try it when both kids are asleep!" - CB, Pennsylvania

"I've been smoking for almost 20 years, and I've rarely gotten this high! Now that I learned the technique, I can get there whenever I want!" - EA, New Jersey

Produced by Hawk Ridge Productions
2006 Philip H. Farber
Cover Design by DJ Reese 2006
1 hour, 40 min. NTSC

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