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Pan's Tarot

Pan is a kick-ass god who speaks in no uncertain terms. Got it? If you're a squeamish, lily-livered newager looking for the sanitized version of tarot that doesn't involve the expression of bodily fluids, then keep on looking - or, better yet, stick around... Pan hopes to amaze and delighten even you. (Unless you're just a kid... then get the heck outa here. Adults only, please.)

Pan's Tarot, Hawk Ridge Productions, and Philip H. Farber assume no responsibility for stained clothing or brain damage resulting from the use of this web page. Local legalities force us to remind you that this is all just for entertainment. Fun. You know, what you came here for.

Pan's Tarot
The thoughts of the demiurge, as transcribed by Philip H. Farber
(New Readings added February 2007!)
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