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HYPNOSIS and NLP Office Consultation

Ready to make some changes in your life?

Philip H. Farber is now taking a limited number of clients for change-work in hypnosis and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). These are powerful modalities to:

Phil is well-known as a hypnotist, NLP practitioner and much more... He is an instructor who presents his powerful, innovative techniques internationally. He's been a faculty member at the National Guild of Hypnotists' Annual Convention for the last three years, a faculty member of Robert Anton Wilson's Maybe Logic Academy, and is licensed as an NLP Trainer by Richard Bandler, co-founder of NLP.

"I don't want to sound like a cliche, but the work Phil did with me was life-changing. In less than an hour Phil brought me to a place of HUGE healing. I went into my session working on basic relationship issues, and came out of it with my whole life falling magickally into place. Phil's trance-induction is amazing. In addition to the long term benefits of the work, I left the experience both relaxed and excited. I was high on trance-state afterglow for hours! The long-term results are still surfacing and falling into place, and it's been weeks since our session. Talk about a gift that keeps on giving! Invest in a session; you're worth it. And so is Phil!" - LaSara FireFox author of Sexy Witch

This is a rare opportunity to make powerful change in your life, right now!

Reserve an appointment now by clicking "Add to Cart":

The "Add to Cart" button will allow you to use a major credit card (via PayPal) to reserve an appointment. Within 48 hours (usually much sooner) you will receive an e-mail with a selection of the three next available appointments. Please return the e-mail promptly with your choice of appointment times. If you have any general preferences for time (weekdays only, weekends only, evenings only, daytime only) please include that with your PayPal payment. You can also include a short note describing what you desire to work on during your session. (Or send as separate e-mail to phil @ hawkridgeproductions.com.)

If you'd rather book by phone, please call (845) 331-0724.

Rates for office consultation at Hawk Ridge are $120/hour. The credit card reservation will cover the first hour of your appointment (minimum time reservation for any consultation is one hour). Should the appointment run longer than that, please make payment for the additional amount at that time.

Hawk Ridge is located in Kingston, New York, just minutes from the NYS Thruway exit. Directions will be furnished with your appointment confirmation.


PHONE Consultation

Consultation is also available via phone. Phone rates are $75/hour. Appointments are necessary and we prefer that your first hour be paid in advance with the same terms and process as for Office Consultation. Use the 'Add to Cart' button to reserve an appointment.

Other Services Available:

Write to phil @ hawkridgeproductions.com for more information.