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by Philip H. Farber

5 DVD Set (NTSC Format)


Are you ready to explore Meta-Magick?

“Magick,” as we are discussing it here, is a mental discipline. It is a means of first perfecting the self so that the things that one may do will be done with power and effectiveness. This has always been the aim of magick: to understand the relationship between our consciousness and the world, in a way that allows us to re-create ourselves in healthy and practical ways. Our understanding and self-perfection allows us to fit into the world so well that we can influence it in accordance with our will.

Meta-Magick: Atem’s Video Companion is a guided tour of Meta-Magick exercises described in Philip H. Farber’s Meta-Magick: The Book of Atem (Weiser Books 2008). Each DVD will guide you through a representative selection of techniques and rituals, beginning with the component behaviors that contribute to magick and then bringing it all together into a fully formed system of practical magick. Many of these exercises are available in video form only on this collection! It's a great way to enhance your understanding and practice of the material in the book - or a great introduction to the system on its own!

Meta-Magick has been influenced by by Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), martial arts, applied kinesiology, hypnosis, Afro-Caribbean spirituality, yoga, Taoism, neuro-scientific discoveries, and much more, in addition to Western esoteric traditions. These tools and systems are applied to observing and replicating magical phenomena in ways that can be calibrated and tested. This results in a collection of diverse behaviors, techniques, and patterns that can be combined in creative ways, resulting in new rituals, works of art, entities, schools of thought, new paradigms and so on. "Meta" means "above" or "beyond," and "Meta-Magick" is magick that enables us to think about magick and produce magick. It is magick about magick.

Order the entire set now for $150.

Disks 1 & 2 only: $75

Disks 3 & 4 only: $75

Disk 5 only: $35

All prices postpaid to USA and Canada. (Use the drop-down menu to make selections and add postage for international shipping.)

Atem's Video Companion DVD Set



Disk contents:

Disk 1:
Meta-Magick (discussion)
Atem (discussion)
Forward/Backward Thinking (exercise)
Up/Down Thinking (exercise)
Circular Thinking (exercise)
Attention (discussion)
Language (discussion)
Passion (discussion)
Fitting (discussion)
Trance (discussion)
Making (discussion)
The Eight Powers of Atem (discussion)

Disk 2:
Invocation of Atem (exercise)
Neurology and Rain (discussion)
Simple Evocations (exercise)
Opening the Way (exercise)
Watch Yourself Relax (exercise)

Disk 3:
Implied Entities (discussion)
Expansion and Contraction Breathing (exercise)
Beautiful Language (exercise)
Passionate Storytelling (exercise)
Increasing Passion (exercise)

Disk 4:
Sharing the Flow (exercise)
Visualization Tips (discussion)
Fitting Exercise (exercise)
Fitting to the World (exercise)
Urge Mapping (exercise)

Disk 5:
Ideomotor Testing (exercise)
Stating Your Outcome (exercise)
Imagining Your Outcome (exercise)
Aligning Imagination with Outcome (exercise)
Creating a State Entity (exercise)
Fitting with your State Entity (exercise)
Making an Outcome (exercise)
Group Ritual (exercise)