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Meta-Magick Invocation with Philip H. Farber


A Guide to Magick via Neuroscience and NLP

with Philip H. Farber

5 DVDs, 1 CD-ROM e-book



What kind of a person would you like to be? Intelligent? Wise? Confident? Compassionate? Patient? Decisive? Invocation is the art of drawing qualities into your life - for the purpose of re-creating yourself and your life.

Gain a new understanding of how magick works and how you can influence and change your own consciousness and your world!

Meta-Magick Invocation is a seminar on DVD, recorded in October of 2007 at Hawk Ridge. This intense video presentation delves into the most recent Meta-Magick developments, with an emphasis on exploring altered states and the magical operation of invocation.

Invocation is the act of drawing qualities and states into oneself. In traditional magick these are devotional techniques that involve gods and goddesses. In Meta-Magick, we start from the ground up, developing and exploring our own innate, inner pantheon. The results of such exploration often include transformative personal insight, fast and effective behavioral change, and alignment of our lives toward our goals and dreams.

Do you know that there is a neurological basis for our magical operations of invocation and evocation? Did you know that this simple neurological concept can be used to add instant power and intensity to magical ritual?

The Meta-Magick Invocation DVD set begins with the simplest forms of invocatory ritual and works through a wide range of approaches, continually building to more complex and powerful techniques. Techniques are straightforward, fully explained, and easy to follow. Outlines for many of the techniques are also found in the included CD-ROM e-book. This is a particularly subtle and deep system, yet very accessible and easy to practice.

  • Learn the anatomy of a god or goddess
  • Discover the neurology that allows us to communicate with entities
  • Identify and create your own personal pantheon
  • Utilize the relationship between invocation and evocation
  • Develop intensity in your magical practice
  • Access powerful meta-deities that can change the world

This is absolutely new and unique! Most of the material included in this 5-DVD set has never before been published. It is not even included in Phil’s forthcoming book, Meta-Magick: The Book of Atem (Weiser Books 2008) or on previous DVD sets (including "Magick for the 21st Century").This is a sampling of some of the new rituals and entities that Atem has helped to introduce into the world. It will be years before most of this makes it into a published book.

The CD-ROM e-book includes over 30 different rituals and techniques to help you further explore the Meta-Magick Invocation concepts. Working with the e-book and DVDs together offers practical understanding of the world-changing art of magical invocation.

The roots of Meta-Magick are diverse. It has been influenced by by Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), martial arts, applied kinesiology, hypnosis, Afro-Caribbean spirituality, yoga,Taoism, neuro-scientific discoveries, and much more, in addition to Western esoteric traditions. These tools and systems are applied to the tasks of uncovering, observing, and replicating phenomena in ways that can be calibrated and tested. This results in a collection of diverse behaviors, techniques, and patterns that can be combined in creative ways, resulting in new rituals, works of art, entities, schools of thought, new paradigms and so on. "Meta" means "above" or "beyond," and "Meta-Magick" is magick that enables us to think about magick and produce magick. It is magick about magick.

Meta-Magick INVOCATION is accessible and useful for all students, from beginners to advanced. If you've never explored magick before, this DVD set can be a great introduction to a set of techniques that work immediately... and if you have prior experience with magick or NLP, this will be pure dynamite. Invocation work of this type can be used for personal issues including habit change, motivation, confidence, and much more - and for initiating change on a greater, transpersonal level.

Own this brand new DVD set and develop your own magick abilities now! Suitable for beginners AND advanced practitioners alike!

DVD Contents:

Disk 1:
1 - Meta-Magick
2 - Atem
3 - Invocation of Atem
4 - Invocation and Evocation
5 - States of Consciousness

Disk 2:
1 - Re-accessing States 1
2 - Re-accessing States 2
3 - Entity Modeling
4 - Dissociated Self-Images
5 - Fun with Dissociated Images

Disk 3:
1 - Possession, Delusion & Beliefs
2 - Entities, Others and Godforms
3 - State Entities and Outcomes
4 - Instant Empowerment
5 - Mirror Gestures
6 - Meta-Magick as Goetia

Disk 4:
1 - Evoking into Water
2 - Speculation about Water and Weirdness
3 - Elements
4 - Magical Entourage
5 - Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Entities
6 - Meta-Merge

Disk 5:
1 - Invocation in Groups and Mass Culture
2 - Group Entities
3 - Group Vortex Entity
4 - Group Meta-Deity
5 - Intensity

A partial list of exercises in the e-book, many of which are also on the video:

Calibrate – State – Model – Repeat
Zen meditation
Ajna Monkey
Chasing the Tail
Hypnotic Memories
Betty Erickson Self-Hypnosis
The Freedom Dance
Ecstatic Breathing
Expansion and Contraction Breathing
Energy Flow Modeling
Energy Flow/Reversal of Flow
Energy Flow/Gesture
Future-Paced Gesture
Simple Evocations
Transforming Negative Entities
Customizing an Entity
Walking Through States
In and Out
Watch Yourself Relax
The Prosperity Technique
Instant God/dess
Instant Empowerment
Adding Powers to your God/dess
Swish Pattern of the Gods
Basic Energy Testing
Body Pendulum
Stepping In #1
Stepping In #2
Stepping in to Godforms
Identifying Elements
Magical Entourage
The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Entities
Group Meta-Deity
Future Pacing


This product will be of interest to anyone interested in magick, magic, the occult, hypnosis, NLP, meditation, psychic ability, qabala, kabbalah, meditation, tantra, sex magick, entheogens, energy, thelema, summoning spirits, goetia, shamanism, shaman, chaos magick, and much more!

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Meta-Magick INVOCATION 5-DVD Set