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How to be a Megalomaniac 2 DVD Set


How to be a Megalomaniac
with Philip H. Farber

2 DVD Set

Approx. 4 hours , NTSC

Want to learn the secret keys to manipulating the masses? Do you want followers, henchmen and lackeys to serve your every need? You're either a sick puppy or a True Megalomaniac AND you'll absolutely LOVE this video recording of two seminars by Philip H. Farber that explore the skills and techniques used by gurus, televangelists, politicians and advertisers to build their empires.
THIS IS A GREAT OPPORTUNITY TO HAVE MAJOR FUN WHILE YOU LEARN REAL SKILLS! Filmed in low-quality video with extra-high-quality information!

"Just watched the first video of Phil's Megalomaniac series. Excellent. I realy liked how you framed the NLP within the Megalomaniac and made it very accessible to all." - Donald, trainer and skills coach

"It was awesome. Its shows the real essence of persuasion and Power. Flawlessly demonstrates how to live it and how to effortlessly knit it into your neurology. A powerful change technology. Megalomaniac Too is even better... The Megalomaniac video sets are my favourite by far of all my NLP videos." - CT, New Zealand


Do you want it all? Now's your chance to learn how to take control of your life - AND EVERYTHING ELSE!

This is the ONLY seminar video of its kind! Not only is this a practical, nitty-gritty, down-and-dirty introduction to Megalo Skills, but it is also an inspired rant on the meaning of life, and a fabulous power-generating opportunity for you!

Ever want to start your own religion or mass movement? Whether you're a full-tilt guru wannabe or a former follower with the will to know how your mind was warped, you'll agree that this seminar is the ONE TRUE WAY. Learn the hypnotic secrets of the televangelists! Perform miracles that will amaze your friends and entrance your followers! Learn to sling total absurdity in a way that will have them reaching for their checkbooks.

Watch as Philip H. Farber, the dynamic, dreadlocked author of FutureRitual: Magick for the 21stCentury, carries out his plans for world domination right before your very eyes. You can sit back and watch, ride his coattails, or use what you will learn from this video to launch your own Megalo Schemes.

Do you want money or sex? Forget it! This is about getting POWER. When you have power, everything else follows!

* Go beyond rapport - learn to generate CHARISMA at will!

* Influence large groups of people, without saying a word!

* Learn televangelist-style hands-on healing - better than Benny Hinn!

* Awaken your Inner Child, give it a spanking, and put it to work mowing the lawn!

* Lose your inhibitions - and keep the profits!


You'll learn how advertisers play on insecurities to sell unnecessary products, how to influence large groups of people and create mass movements (no joke!), how to get intelligent and curious people to march around with goofy grins on their faces, and how your thoughts and actions are intricately interrelated with everyone around you! In addition, the seminar on DVD takes a fresh look at how to influence others without saying a word and includes another easy-to-understand explanation of the televangelist hands-on healing method.

Send your inner child to its room, quit your job, and live like a king or queen with the "How to be a Megalomaniac Too!" video. (Actual mileage may vary.)

2-disc set for only $28 postpaid to US and Canada (lowest price for world domination anywhere on the web!)

(for other destinations, please use the pull-down menu to select shipping options)

How to be a Megalomaniac 2 DVD Set

Or send check or money order to Philip H. Farber, PO Box 4431, Kingston, NY 12402